USYC 2014: Two Days of Lifetime Momento

So, You’re Anisha Pokharel?’
‘Yess’- I replied with a sigh.
‘Why are you so late?’
‘Umm, I was busy searching wild cats in the Himalayas’
Seriously?? (They make faces; some with surprise and some with disbelief)
Welcome to US Embassy Youth Council Nepal 2014
That’s how it started…..

53 cool people from nook and corner of the nation
Were interwoven into a single chain of change
Engineers, doctors, journalists, artists, environmentalists, lawyer
Entrepreneurs to many talented youths from diverse fields.

Driven by the motive to rebuild the society
Breaking all the boundaries, injustices and discrimination
We vowed to make a difference and lead
And accomplish our mission of global good.

Despite being late, I was welcomed heartily
Introduction, chitchats, gossips and all those midnight mastiz
Things can’t be better when we all got on the dance floor
And go wild as if there’s no tomorrow.

Inspirational figures and encouraging works
Reminds us of our roles that we gotta do
It’s high time to dream Big and SMART
So, guyz lets make it happen without much ado.

We won’t believe in the saying’ Youth is wasted on young’
Coz we’re intelligent, smart, vibrant, active and powerful
Most importantly, we make fun out of everything
That’s what makes us special from the rest.

I do agree that road ahead is tough
We’ll be swarmed by the bugs of hurdles
But we refuse to stop fearing the unseens
We may lose our sight but not our vision.

We’ll rise from the ashes like a phoenix
To convert our hopes into realities
To create the world we wish to see
To bring the best out of ourselves……


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