Divided heart!!

Here goes another blog reflecting my current life, full of random thoughts which sometimes make me go crazy. 

I guess it needs an outlet just to calm down. Finally, spring is here in Nebraska, umm, I think so! I see dandelions and many flowers blooming, birdies flying around and chirping celebrating the good weather. In addition, you see humans all over hehe! Yes, everyone is in the street, basking in the sun, enjoying the warmth and soaking all in before Nebraskan weather gets back to normal i.e. unpredictable.  I walk to university every day and I have been doing it almost for a year!  

I have been thinking to get a bike but for many reasons, I am more confident about my feet ;) than any other things hehe! Okay okay, forget about the weather now. Gotta talk what I was thinking. 
My second semester is almost over. Besides, failing multiple times in my project, doing assignments and teaching in the lab, I got to explore almost 7 different states and Australia ;) I really don't kn…

Nepal to Nebraska

Chasing my dreams in the pursuits of excellence, I have traversed thousands miles to be here in USA. Yes, I am not that strong, I cry at nights sometimes missing my family and friends. I miss the familiarity that used to make me feel safe, the place that I knew and was close to my heart, my home. But I guess when you have big dreams visioning with the small eyes, you have to make some sacrifices. I wanted to enrich myself with the greater knowledge and I have been granted with this opportunity. I am trying my best to adapt to American culture, advance systems, different in every way. It’s not that easy but I have been doing fine. I feel like a strolling baby , trying to walk but also falling many times. I guess that’s what life is all about; to be able to grow, learn as a person. If we stay stable, too comfortable we will never feel the urge to learn as we feel like we know things much better.
My stay in Lincoln has been really nice so far. I had a training to attend in university …

And then life happens

I remember reading that life is never a straight line as per the ECG , if it's straight one is dead. Hence, life is meant to have all the ups and downs, highs and lows, crest and trough.
It's so easy to be happy at good times but its equally challenging to face the tough times in life. It's like a fear with death somewhat. We know it can come anytime but still we don't want it to come same is with the hard times in life.
I feel quite fascinated when the good and bad times follow each other so perfectly in a pattern.  After you enjoy some good summer days, the winter crawls in to freeze u, cripple you and make u feel worn out. But when it becomes so predictable, it develops fear inside you. You wouldn't be able to enjoy your happiness coz you fear that it wont last long and it will be followed by tough times which can be very severe. Then, as expected the bad time creeps in when nothing is right. Sometimes, we can think that it's not gonna last long and soon be…

Thailand Diaries-2

Well, I have no idea how am I gonna share about all those fun, adventures and beautiful memories I have collected during my 3 months' stay in Thailand.I was there for a internship of 2.5 months through Flyway Foundation to assist raptor migration count at Khao Dinsor, Chumphon which is one of the best sites in Asia to observe raptor migration.I will share all about it on my next post. Then, after those 2.5 months of learnings, working, and withering myself from the extreme sun, I yet took a refuge to the aquatic life, enjoying spectacular beaches, islands and some national parks. I thought of sharing my rest travelling in my first part of the Thailand blog. I hope it will make you giggle, enjoy and also literally take you into the world of sun, sand and shops. wohooo! Welcome to Thailand!!
As the autumn raptor migration count was wrapped up on Nov 15, I was pretty excited to explore southern Thailand. Being from a land locked country; I guess you can imagine the level of excitemen…


Hey, Glad to be back on my blog ;) I had just been very lazzzyyy at home and enjoying some Me time :) So, I visited US specifically Pennsylvania and some other states NYC, NJ for 3.5 months for a traineeship. It was my first ever visit to the North America and had a FREAKING AWESOME time there. When I reflected back my experiences, the people I met and had some chit-chats, I came to realize some funny, weird and also some interesting things.. So came up with 5 things I came to know about Americans :) Well, no offence ;) This is entirely based on my experience, hehe!

Here we go..
1. AMERICANS DON'T COOK, THEY MICROWAVE!!! Are you lazy to cook and want things easy and quick? America is the place for you, hehe ;)  Being raised in a country like Nepal, I was never used to go any sort of mart to buy vegetables or even groceries or buy packaged meals.  Little did I know about them before even when Bhatbhateni supermarket was always there.  We have STREET markets ;) or say Street Vendors…

Following the Birds: From Nepal to Hawk Mountain

I sing a song Of the Blue Mountains that stand with pride
Of the cool breeze that passes by
And the magnificent raptors that fly by. I sing the song of turkey vulture
That loves dancing up and down, back and fro,
Tickling my inner desire to dance and fly high
And inspecting at times if anyone is dead or alive.  I do tell the tales of people and children
Who get captivated by the beauty of nature
Who come for pacifying their lonely hearts
Who come to rekindle long lost memories
And who make love with their beloved,
Enveloped in warm hugs and sweet kisses. I also tell the tales of the rocks that rest, birds that nest
As they share about their life once when they were young.
“School in the clouds,” as said, lots to learn and lots of hymns.
My beloved Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, here I come! Alarm buzzes at 6 a.m., boots tightened, equipped with my binoculars, field guide, notebook/pen, and my lunch, we head towards the mountain: Hawk Mountain. It has become my daily routine since March as a H…

A tale of a fish and a bird

Once upon a time in a great blue sea, there lived a tiny cutie little fish named Bob. He ran across the corals, shells and every ridges within the sea and played wid his other frens here and there. He was such a sweet lil boy J smiling, playing and sleeping was all he loved. He also loved traversing into the sea with his friends but feared to go further away.  Helped the elderly ones, loved the younger ones ;) and very shy every time he came across beautiful girls. His laughter would make the whole city bright (obviously the water kingdom) and hence called the soul of the sea J
Similarly, very far from the sea kingdom, there lived an adventures and smart birdie, Agnes that soared high in the sky and dwelled in the mountains. She was such a badass. While other birdies were busy in their chores close to their home, she always liked to break the rules and explore the world. Many times, she put herself in troubles from predators and other times she caused lots of problem ;) Truly a troub…