Sunday, April 13, 2014

Glancing back to the year 2070 B.S

I have no repents for what I couldn't accomplish but I am very grateful for what I have achieved so far. Year 2070 B.S was filled with lots of learning, networking, travelling.

Baisakh/Jestha: My visit to Sindhuli, my home town.. @Sindhuligadhi
I had a very joyous time at my hometown. The year itself began with networking. I met many people who are very close to me but I had never met them or known them. I also visited Sindhuligadhi, the place where Brave Gurkhas fought with 2000 British and got the glorious victory.

Ashar, Shrawan was exam time, rush hour. On Bhadra, had this opportunity to be a part of the International Conference on Forest, People and Climate: Changing Paradigm. It was very interesting to hear the research works of many experts.

Had this great opportunity to visit the beautiful Koshi plains, observe wild water buffaloes, rich culture and most importantly assist research in Human-elephant conflict. KTWR and the local people loved me immensely and I am really grateful to Ashok dai for this opportunity. I do recall the paans early in the morning and barmajhiya's peda in the evenings and the famous Ranjit bhaiya :) 

Boating on ghodaghodi lake.. College tour
 Ashwin started with the journey towards Western Nepal and Uttarakhand, India as our college tour. The best moments of college life where classmates become friends, where love blooms and bonding become stronger. We visited Bardia National Park, Shuklaphanta W.LR, Forest Research Institute, Haldwani, Dehradun, Nainitaal, Musoorie, India. These are the best days of my life, the moments we share with our friends.
Mera bodyguards at FRI(Student of the Year was shot here;))
ASKB4; MY Besties!!!

Dashain, tihar celebration took over the latter part of Ashwin and initial Kartik. 

Mangsir was another important month where I got the chance to be a part of WEPA(Working Elephants Programme of Asia). I learned about positive reinforcement method to train the sweet elephants. Met many amazing people. Helena, Marc(my Guru), Sudeer dai, Nirvaya, Aija,Karpa Sandesh Kadur (Nat Geo videographer) Freya, Amanda, Brian, last but not the least Shawn ;) I celebrated my Birthday at Chitwan+ Home. I got many insights on Elephant biology and the training method. 

My article featuring South Asian Youth Conference in The Himalayan Times
3rd South Asian youth conference was another important part of this year where I met my fellow neighbours from South Asian regions, discussed about the common problems, shared our ideas, knowledge, and inspired each other. I was amazed by the passion, energy and the wish to make a difference in every one's eyes. Made some very good friends, talked a lot( couldn't sleep for 3 days), played some strange games, midnight memories. 

Yay, Sikles.... No words to explain the fun we had there. Homestay, Maghe Sankranti, The Edge Band, Jeep Ride and price conflict, the Panchkanya dance, Gurung culture etc etc.. The mountains... It still makes me laugh like crazy person. 
Following month was too boring, exam and all. 

Then, comes Falgun... Mero pyaro Okhaldhunga, Bhusinga(Sherpaland)

My most adventurous journey to the place called Bhusinga, one of its kind, my first travel to the mountains at an altitude of 3300m with only men ;) Was indebted my the love, hospitality, Se Se culture of Sherpas, various delicacies made up of potatoes only.. Camping in the middle of the jungle, snowing, running behind scats, chilling cold, rhododendron clad forests, open defecation in the woods ;), self -defense, revolution talkies, Dream House... Continuous walking for 2 days..This is the most exciting, thrilling travel. Thank you so much John Brooks.. I have no words to thank you. 
Last but not the least, got selected in the US Embassy Youth Advisory Council 2014. Ya, I know I missed 2 days n I am not in the group photo but I am happy to join the program at the end.  As the famous Hindi dialogue, 'Hero's entry is always at last scene.' I don't know if I am speaking too much. Hehe, but I loved it. Many inspiring people from all around the country.
Oops, I forgot to include the another important thing of 2070B.S, Guess what??
Yes, yes... I know it sounds soo girly but I trimmed my long, beautiful hair. Now, I feel I have no hair at all. I feel so bad when I look people with long hair around. Argh!!  And I feel so Nepali myself, trying attires of different culture!!

To conclude, year 2070B.S was a gift to me. I had many good memories, new learning, many good friends, lots of energy to make a difference, to dream. Life would definitely be dull without ups and downs but with less peaks and falls. 2 things I learnt out of many things;
1. Life lived in fear is life not lived.
2. Try Not, Do or Do Not!!! 

So, Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2071 B.S. I would love to see this year as Year Of Actions!!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

USYC 2014: Two Days of Lifetime Momento

So, You’re Anisha Pokharel?’
‘Yess’- I replied with a sigh.
‘Why are you so late?’
‘Umm, I was busy searching wild cats in the Himalayas’
Seriously?? (They make faces; some with surprise and some with disbelief)
Welcome to US Embassy Youth Council Nepal 2014
That’s how it started…..

53 cool people from nook and corner of the nation
Were interwoven into a single chain of change
Engineers, doctors, journalists, artists, environmentalists, lawyer
Entrepreneurs to many talented youths from diverse fields.

Driven by the motive to rebuild the society
Breaking all the boundaries, injustices and discrimination
We vowed to make a difference and lead
And accomplish our mission of global good.

Despite being late, I was welcomed heartily
Introduction, chitchats, gossips and all those midnight mastiz
Things can’t be better when we all got on the dance floor
And go wild as if there’s no tomorrow.

Inspirational figures and encouraging works
Reminds us of our roles that we gotta do
It’s high time to dream Big and SMART
So, guyz lets make it happen without much ado.

We won’t believe in the saying’ Youth is wasted on young’
Coz we’re intelligent, smart, vibrant, active and powerful
Most importantly, we make fun out of everything
That’s what makes us special from the rest.

I do agree that road ahead is tough
We’ll be swarmed by the bugs of hurdles
But we refuse to stop fearing the unseens
We may lose our sight but not our vision.

We’ll rise from the ashes like a phoenix
To convert our hopes into realities
To create the world we wish to see
To bring the best out of ourselves……

Friday, March 7, 2014

Being BAD !!!

Since the kindergarten level, we are taught to be good. I still remember how happy I used to be when my teachers, relatives, parents would call me ‘gyani nani’. But, what does it take to be a good girl?

Characteristics of a good girl;
Study well, get good job, dresses (the more complex the better), no parties, home by 5, talk less, no affairs (otherwise would be called as sluts), all house hold chores, no shouting, no loud laughter, no discussions, marry at time (sooner the better), bear child soon, and the list just doesn't end; And greatest of all, bearing adversities with a smile.

On the contrary, Hindu mythology also claim that God would be happy in that house where women are respected well.
“Yaed grihe pujyate nari
Ramante tatra devata”

Our culture has made women submissive, shy, introvert, fragile and always shadowed. But it has also described gallantry role of women. Her courage, patience, strength, creativity, intelligence are very much admired in our ancient mythologies. If both dauntlessness and demureness are well praised in the mythologies, then why our society wants us to be demure rather than dauntless at present?
Why are we compelled to act shy rather than outspoken? 

Should women become like men in order to become equal with men and women or should both men and women become androgynous, each person combining the correct blend of positive masculine and feminine characteristics in order to be equal with every person? This is my fight, our fight against ourselves and against the discrimination, exploitation we are going through.

I can’t force myself to do things that I am not comfortable with. I can’t mute my laughter, I can’t tolerate any injustice, I can’t agree whatever others try to impose upon me. And I can’t give up all my Dreams just to be considered as a so-called Good Girl. I am damn sure, I am not alone; there are millions behind me, together with me aspiring for the beacon of freedom and equality.
Hence, I prefer being Bad!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lost and Found!!!

I love you but I admit I am too chicken to say it in a best way.

I wished that moment to stop forever when we hugged each other because I did not want to say good –bye with the unknown see- you laters. I wished the earth would stay still at the very moment.

I never knew how and when we exchanged our hearts in course of sharing smiles and those signals through our eyes. How a casual hi-hello turned into miss u lot.
I think about you every day. Literally, every day. I feel butterflies in my stomach and my heart flutters with your thought. And this social media has been assisting me a lot. I often fantasize about everything going as per my wishes and if I moved to your world. The distance haunts me these days.

I often think about us. I have spent too much time thinking of all the reasons we will never work; I am not your type, we are different, from different socio-cultural background and the biggest reason we belong to different continents. The list goes on and on.

But still, there is something about you that makes me wanna grow old with you.  
I often remember the conversations we had while strolling around the lakeside about life, happiness, marriage(not with each other, of course) but it was apparent that we both valued relationships, families and minute things about life.
I wanted to hold you but feared as it was not considered good in my culture and you also couldn’t dare being unaware about my reactions. I liked that shy part of yours, the simplicity, the eyes that looked right through me and the way you felt happiness in the very small things like a smile of a kid.

Haha,I often smile silently alone like a crazy person every time I think how I used to tease you for doing nothing like a tourist. And you would reply with that precious smile, ‘I will surely do something tomorrow.’ I long for those moments now.

Those weird messages you texted me, now make sense to me. I remember sitting next as you slept on a bus trip and thinking that you were adorable. I wished that you were leaning on me and not that window. I still cherish that time when I leaned on your shoulders while I was asleep and funnily I hold onto you. And the way, you grabbed my hands till it started sweating off.

You sparked that feeling which I had tried to dump in my secret chamber of the heart. Those who know me know that this is so NOT me. While my heart and mind were in conflict, I tried hard to stop my emerging feelings for you but finally my heart got the victory. These lines below also triggered my feelings for you.
Date a boy who treasures experience over toys, a hand-woven bracelet over a Rolex. Date a boy who’s lived out of a backpack because he lives happily with less. A boy who’s travelled has seen poverty and dined with those who live in small shanties with no running water, and yet welcome strangers with greater hospitality than the rich. And because he’s seen this, he’s seen how a life without luxury can mean a life fueled by relationships and family rather than a life that fuels fancy cars and ego. He’s experienced different ways of being, respects alternative religions and he looks at the world with the eyes of a five year-old, curious and hungry. He also understands your need to live for yourself and that you have a bucket-list of your own. Understand that your goals may at some points differ but that independence is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship when it’s mutually respected. You may lose him for a bit but he will always come home bearing a new story and a souvenir he picked up because it reminded him of you, like it was made for you and because he missed you..

I am pretty naïve about being in relationships and the etiquettes that I should follow but I can just make you happy from the heart. I may be little childish at times and irritate you with my own chitchats but I will always care about you. I may not be there to support you when you need me the most but I am always there in your heart.

I also may not be there to prepare food for you when you come home with an empty stomach and very tired. But, I will always be online waiting to talk with you whenever your stomach starts making hungry calls ;)

But, yes… you will always be in my morning prayers, afternoon nap’s dreams and late night’s chats. I also don’t wanna bother about future when present is so convincing.
 I don’t know why I’m giddy like a little girl when I think of you, or why you have this effect on me. But it is true. I have been liking you more and more. I love to wait for you patiently hoping we will meet soon. 

Those 3 words are said too much but still never enough. Love u !!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fantasy vs. Reality

 I along with my friends gathered at our favorite café to enjoy cappuccino. This is a great way to combat with the freezing temperature of the capital.
Then, we started babbling about everything. Girls and our guffs; absolutely indispensable to each other.
Kriti said, ‘ Argh, My boyfriend is so unromantic. He never buys gifts for me, never asks for a date or long-drive. He is so boring.’

‘Oh! Lucky me. My boyfriend is so adorable. He treats me like a princess. He is my Raj and I am his Simran. We will be together for years and years. He has promised that his love will never wither.’- exclaimed

We rushed towards class as the break was over. After someday, I received a call from Rita, she was sobbing. ‘He just deceived me. He is in relationship with somebody else. I am destroyed.’ She burst into tears. I did not know what to say.

I was in sheer dilemma. My mind was questioning, ‘What does it mean to be in relationship? What do you want from your partner? What are the characteristics that you seek in your girl-friend or boy-friend?’
I think a relationship is all about two people who love each other very much who support each other in there every endeavor and are there for one another when they are needed most. They stand side by side looking out at the world; who are not perfect but perfect to each other but complete each other. And who are completely comfortable with each other.

Every time I ask these questions to my friends, they start narrating either the characters of fairy tales or some Bollywood movies. The problem of our generation is this pre-occupied mindset about love and relationship. We dream of a Cinderella’s ending that a rich, handsome guy will come riding in his blazing car or motorbike (C’mon, we won’t dream him to come in white horse or may be some dream that too), hold our hand and then fly back to his wonderland. We expect our first love to last for ages and ages, which is completely a fantasy.
But opposite of this expectation, we find him/her not performing any such magical tricks. We will face various grey side of being in a relationship, issues, disagreements, possessiveness etc. When we find that nothing match between world of imagination and reality, conflict occurs which result in end of a relationship. This can be very destructive in many cases.

This is the reason what makes eternal love ephemeral. Thus, I believe relationship is all about respect, trust, love, support that helps to create our own real world. We have to put the fantasy aside and light up our real world.  Sometimes, a relationship may fail but it’s not an end of the world; we need to move on taking the past experience as a new learning in life. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Panchakanya: A Tale of Five Women

Preeti is getting ready for school after a year. She is little nervous and worried. Radha, Preeti’s mother is trying to encourage her, ‘Preeti, you are my sweet, dearest and intelligent daughter. You have to learn so much, right? Don’t worry; your friends are waiting for you.’ Preeti is a 7 years old chubby with so much intelligence. She is such an adorable child. Her presence made the whole neighborhood so lively and when she laughed, it would be echoed all over. But, the situation is different now. 

It’s been a year that she had been raped by a 17 years’ old guy from the area. The boy was like a brother to her. Who knows what lies within a brotherly embrace? The boy took an advantage of the innocent child when no one was present at home. It was a nightmare to the family. Since the very day, there was haunting silence in the family. Preeti was unaware of what happened to her. She was told that she is unwell and will recover soon. She was critically injured and hospitalized for a year. 

And after a year, Preeti is finally backed to her home. Radha does not want Preeti to be miserable. Being single mother, it was a very hard time for her. But, she doesn’t want her daughter to suffer for the plight. Radha had already arranged dates for school so that Preeti would be busy in her studies. Preeti’s friends arrive at home to go to school together. She is pulled by her friends, at the mean time she glances back to Radha, waiving her hand with a humble smile. Radha responds with teary eyes and stares until Preeti is beyond her sight. Radha has suffered a lot in her life. She decided to divorce her husband after she came to realize about his extra-marital affair. Instead of supporting her decision, family as well as the whole society was against her. She was considered as a character of hatred and shame. 

With a heavy heart, she had to migrate to some other place with her only daughter. She had created her own world there. By profession, she was a health worker. She had worked really hard to earn love and respect from the people around. Preeti was also doing well. This had healed her pain to some extent but then eclipse occurred in her life again; Preeti’s rape case. Worst part is, the convict is still missing. She was completely shattered. Bishal helped her with his whole heart. Oh! I forgot to introduce, Bishal is a childhood friend of Radha. He has an NGO working on the health issues so it was easier for her to get the job. And to be frank, he was deeply in love with Radha. His childhood crush had turned to his lady love but he feared to confess it to her. He was there for her, every time she was in trouble. He appeared like an angel to their lives. Be it the treatment of Preeti or any other problem, he was a true friend indeed. 

Every time Bishal arrives at home, Preeti rejoices. Radha too, wasn’t unaware about the situation. She could sense the relationship being developed between Preeti, Bishal and herself. Bishal was fulfilling the love and care of a father that she lacked. She was just acting to be indifferent. Suddenly, Bishal arrives in front of her, holds her hand tight and says, ‘Radha, I tried really hard not to let my feelings conquer me but I am defeated. I loved you since the 4th standard and still I am madly in love with you. I don’t know what do you feel about me but if given a chance I promise, I will love you and Preeti immensely. You both are my world and would never let anything or anyone hurt you.’ 

Radha replied, ‘Give me a time to think.’

She is standing at the edge of the cliff, recollecting all those memories she spent with her boy friend. Those days were the most cherishing moment of her life. Smriti couldn’t believe that Bishwas has deceived her. What actually had happened?
Smriti is a beautiful teenager born with the silver spoon on her mouth. She was in the best school of the city and never had short of any things in her life. But, there was something no one knew. Something was weakening her deep inside. She had no close friends. She had no interest in studies, sports or any extra- curricular activities. Her only friend was her iPod. She always had earphone plugged into her ears. She was lost somewhere .And the reason behind this was her worst family relation. Her parents were very busy person and had no time for her and even if they were at home, they always quarreled like cat and dog.

But things changed when a new boy appeared in the school. Bishwas, a very good-looking, smart, decent boy, had caused butterflies fly in the stomach of almost all girls of the class. Of course, love sprouts at this age. It was a regular day for Smriti and as always she was lost in music.

‘Hey, what are you listening to?’ asked Bishwas.
‘Somebody’s me by Enrique’ Smriti replied in a rude tone.
‘Oh,really. That’s my favorite. Would you mind sharing the ear- phone?’ requested Bishwas in his regular decent tone.
But without Smriti could say anything, he grabbed the ear-phone and started humming the song. That’s how it started. They became friends; Smriti’s one and only best friend. He appeared as an autumn in her life bringing all the happiness she was deprived of. By the end of the year, Smriti had completely transformed.

And most obviously, she was silently in love with Bishwas. There was not a single moment when she did not think about him. She wanted to express her love but feared the consequences. But luckily, the feeling was mutual. Smriti and Bishwas made an adorable couple.

Teenage is a very crucial period. It can lead into a mishap if not taken care. No one had ever imagined that the plight of the most adorable couple would turn so horrible. Their intimacy had resulted what should not have taken place. Smriti was pregnant at the tender age. And worst part is that Bishwas blamed Smriti for trying to ruin his career. Smriti was in a hopeless state. She had no idea what to do, whom to share her problem with. Forget about her parents, Bishwas was her one and only friend.

He had started avoiding her and claimed the baby to be the result of her entertainment with some boys around. She was devastated in summer love. This led her to choose the best option i.e suicide. At the moment, a song was being played in her iPod. It sang ‘Good-bye my lover!’ and there she goes like a mermaid into the white splashes of water.

‘Akanshya, I have already said that I don’t like you to arrive home late. Are you unaware of the situation out? Men are like vultures, looking a chance to devour you up. Oh God, when would you be able to understand’- mom lectured. 

This was not something new to her. Akanshya had been listening this since the time immemorial. She belongs to a very strict, educated Brahmin family. She is doing her Bachelors in Agriculture Science. She is a very talented, friendly and amazing person. Her academic record was excellent.

Belonging to a very conservative family, she had never worn dress that displays her beauty. She had a tomboy dress codes with a big wrist watch to be always aware about the time. She was never meant to be late from school, forget about the picnics, outings. She had no idea about having fun with friends, hanging around. She was so much limited and every time she asked for a permission to visit her friends her father would say,’ Girls from a decent family don’t go here and there. It is not good to walk with your “so-called” friends and laugh like hooligans. They are not trustworthy. And boys, they just are looking some chances to flatter. You are wise enough to understand. Decide yourself.’ 

And only thing she could do was nod silently and return to her study room. But, her life had a U-turn after she got enrolled in IAAS, Chitwan. She was far away from her home and could experience whatever she was devoid of. She was very much outspoken and known for her friendliness. In course of her studies, she had to travel so many places that she never imagined she would be able to do. Traveling has become her passion. And she was enjoying the explorations. 

Obediently, she seeks permission with her parent every time she comes across any field-based works. She has to assure them that at least a girl is with her during the trip. She has to explain everything and she has no bitter feelings doing so because she thinks that parents have right to know. They are worried about her safety coz they are aware about the society. During her visit to various places and meetings with many people, she has also realized that everyone is not trustworthy. Men are cunning like a fox and good like a cow too. She has to be able to differentiate. 

But the limitation still exists. Lately, she has been trying to convince her father to let her visit far-western Nepal. This was one of her favorites and most awaited work but there lies a big hurdle. She is the only female amongst the group of men. She was damn sure that her father wouldn’t let her go. But still, with a minimal hope she asked him and as expected he burst out with agony, ‘Are you out of your mind? I hadn’t expected this sort of behavior from you, Akankshya. Have you ever imagined what does our society say to such woman? How can you be so disrespectful to me? What do you know about men, huh? You will drive me crazy. This sort of activity can lead to lifelong disaster. Tell me one thing, who would be responsible if anything wrong happens with you? The only thing you can do then is jump into Rani-pokhari.’blah blah. 

Akankshya speaks out boldly, ‘Baba, till when will you be there to protect me? In the days to come, I may have to work with only men around. What shall I do then, quit the job?’ 

This was the first time, she raised the voice of revolt and it was infuriating to her father.

He yelled, ‘You have turned very indiscipline. And yes, now you are under my supervision. You are responsible towards me and later to your husband. So, stop this nonsense and focus on your studies. If the situation continues, I have to immediately get rid of you. I think I have to look after a guy to bear your responsibilities.’

With eyes full of tears, she rushed towards her room. She was so much hurt by his words. We could see how she has transformed. She just can’t agree whatever was being told to her. She was in mental conflict; either to follow her instincts or accept whatever is decided for her.

The emergency room was full of people; some were sobbing, while others were chatting with themselves. In the bed a semi-burnt body was protected within an incubator. Sita, 38, was seriously burnt and was in very critical state. Police arrived later and her brother had to go through the rigmarole of procedures as per the investigation.
He sobbed, ‘Sir, they have been torturing her since marriage. She was beaten several times inhumanely demanding for dowry. We are not well off to fulfill all their wishes but still we tried. Still, they did not stop abusing her. This time they conspired her to be a witch and brutally injured her. That was not enough and they burnt her alive.’ Sita was stripped‚ beaten mercilessly and fed human faeces for allegedly practising witchcraft. She was critically injured after the miscreants thrust a stick into her anus and later burnt alive. What sort of behavior is this? How can somebody stoop so low just for the sake of some dowry. 

Tulmaya is peering out through the wooden-carved window. The street was busy with people moving here and there; wearing their best attires; putting red tika on their forehead and jamara swinging on the head. But unlike the rest, she was there lying stationary with her shabby choli and old dhoti. While the whole country was celebrating Dashain, she was just a bystander. 

She is staying at an oldage home near Pashupatinath. Every morning she gets up at 4 am, visits the nearby temple, prays for a while then return back. ‘Happy Dashain, aama!’- I wished her. She gave a short smile and blessed me, ‘How are you? Oh, you have grown up so fast.’
I knew her since I was a child. She was our neighbor and was very nice to us. She was happy in her small world; her husband, son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.
‘I am good aama, and you?’ 

I could see how time can transfigure a person. She was so beautiful and fine. Now, her face had wrinkled and turned dull. She was coughing almost every time. Suddenly, tears rolled down her eyes, reached cheeks and still falling.
‘No matter how badly they treated me, they are still my children. It is better to be browbeaten by them than staying here with the strangers. I wish I could die seeing them. I miss them so much.’

I remember how her world turned upside down after the demise of her husband. The way her son, daughter-in-law and even grandchildren tortured her was so much intolerable. I also heard that they tried to kill her so many times that she had to escape. And with nowhere to go, she took a shelter in the oldage home. It’s been 17 years already. It’s really strange, how a child can act so inhumanely with his own mother; the one who gave birth to him, nurtured, and made him capable enough. And when the time comes to pay her back, he kicks her out of his home.
Since, then she is living the lonesome life. She spends most of her time praying to God, chanting hymns, crying silently. ‘I hope my children are very happy and wish they have to suffer no problems in their life.’ She prayed with a wrinkled smile.

All these stories are occurring every day in our society.
A recent government survey found that 47 percent of all women report being the victims of either physical, emotional, sexual or economic violence. But 84 percent of those who are victims of domestic violence remain silent. The situation is dire. It is also observed that the countries that are most conservative have the biggest problem with sexual violence against women and human trafficking.

There are hundreds of Sita and Radha in our society; seeking justice and struggling hard for their better future. We are not fighting against the men; we are just revolting against the orthodox practices that have been affecting our society. We are born with this malady of the spirit inherited from our orthodox norms and values. We confine ourselves within the Plato's cave of shadows. We ourselves have wrapped our wings.
And in order to have a prosperous society, All members must be productive, both sexes!
So, Women widen your mentality, Go beyond the boundaries.

 Woman has different roles; daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in law, sister-in law, a friend. Above all, the most challenging is to be a Mother. She bears all those pains with a smile and gives a new life to the baby. She does everything for the baby. It becomes her life. She has to nurture as well as get tortured?

As De Beauvoir says, “One isn't born woman but becomes woman"
It is also ironical that election manifestos of different parties are not interested in reducing gender based discrimination. Women are never minority to be reserved as there are as many women as men on earth. In Nepal, we hear reports of women being tortured, raped, accused of witchcraft and being brutally killed every day. They face sexual harassment in all spheres of life. We may not have a father, a brother or a husband everywhere to save us from ‘dangerous’ men. How can a same man be Ram as well as Ravan; on one side he is so much possessive about his female members and on the other hand he is so much violent and aggressive with other women of the society. We just want men to treat us as a normal person and respect us.

Just remember, that you have the ability to end things that you don't like and to say something isn't okay when it isn't okay. You have the power to insist on good and real things for yourself. You always have the choice to walk away when you are not being treated with respect and most of all you have the right to make adjustments regarding anything and everything to your life. Life is the sum of all YOUR choices. WE RISE!!