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Every time the cold breeze touches me,
I feel you have touched me.
                                             Every time the fair river crosses me,
                                              I feel you have crossed me.

Your smile gives me pleasure,
And your tears give tortures.

                                               Don't know..through which route,
                                               You reached the secret place of my heart.

Dear,you have conquered my mind,

And truly you have made me blind.

                                                 I don't like anything except you,
                                                 I don't like to see anything except u.

Yes, i have been mesmerized by you
Yes, I am in love with you......       

u me and our earth.....


Despite the highly trumpeted Copenhagen conference came to an end without any legally binding conclusions, we can’t deny the fact that the earth is boiling. Global warming has been a global warning today and if we still lag behind to cope its effects, we surely would fail to save our own existence.

On the late 1980s, scientists began to suggest that earth’s energy flux was no longer in balance, earth’s surface getting warmer affecting the elements of climatic system. By 1995,it became evident that main culprit was CO2 emissions produced by burning fuels, coals, gases and oils in factories, power station and motors. It is estimated that a typical coal fired plant generates 3,700,000 tones CO2 annually causing damage equal to cutting down 161 million trees. It also emits 10,000 tones of S02, 10200 tones of 03 forming NO, 77.1 kg Hg and 102.1 kg As. And hence, it’s obvious that the rich on planet are responsible for it. They owe their present luxurious lifestyle and prosper…

Iyaz - Last Forever (Prod. by David Guetta)