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Wanderlust: A strong desire or impulse to travel or wander and explore the world. 

It feels so nice to get back to you after a long journey, an extended work or a hectic exam. I had been thinking to write about  it since long but always got trapped by something else.

Travelling..... what does your mind clicks when you hear this word? It is the most beautiful activity in life that introduces you to yourself. Travelling is a pure form of rebellion and I have been enjoying every bit of it. I have almost visited 50 districts out of 75 districts in Nepal.

Frankly speaking, travelling was beyond my horizon few years back. I was like a caged nightingale happy in my own way but sadly unaware of what I could experience in this life. i was wasting my life rather than living it. Until the day, when everything got changed. I got a chance to come out of my box and see, explore everything around which was virgin to me. Studying forestry has become the most correct decision  that I have ever done.

No country for old

Tulmaya aama peers out through the wooden-carved window of the oldage home. The street is busy with people moving here and there. But unlike the rest, she was there lying stationary with her shabby choli and old dhoti and her eyes full of tears.
I remember how her world turned upside down after the demise of her husband. The way her son, daughter-in-law and even grandchildren tortured her was so much intolerable. I also heard that they tried to kill her so many times that she had to escape. And with nowhere to go, she took a shelter in the oldage home. It’s been 17 years already.
Since then, she is living the lonesome life. She spends most of her time praying to God, chanting hymns, crying silently. ‘I hope my children are very happy and wish they have to suffer no problems in their life.’ She prayed with a wrinkled smile.
It’s really strange, how a child can act so inhumanely with his own parents; the one who gave birth to him, nurtured, and made him capable enough. And when the time …

Uneven greens


Women in forest management

Community forestry has been a successful and important policy in forest conservation as well as livelihood development of rural people. However, there is still a pressing demand to minutely and effectively address the gender-based issues in forest management. 

The deeply rooted patriarchal mindset has always dominated women and forestry sector is no exception. Women are the primary collectors and users of resources such as forest and water. But the patriarchal division of labor has limited them only to household chores. Most of the women are engaged in food production: planting, harvesting, washing, peeling, preparing, cooking, serving and preserving food. Besides, they have to clean the house, harvest and chop straw for the animals, milk the b…

The Himalayan Times : student reporter: Students unite for animals

The Himalayan Times : student reporter: Students unite for animals - Detail News : Nepal News Portal

To mark the importance of conservation of wildlife, National Wildlife Week is observed on the first week of Baisakh every year.

And with the theme ‘Coalition for Human-Wildlife Conflict Reduction’, various green organisations within Institute of Forestry (IOF), Pokhara celebrated the 18th National Wildlife Week from April 14 to 20 in Pokhara.

Institutions like BCN, SHEAC, SOWREC, Bat friends, UNC, AACD, FAN, PSM et cetera — collectively known as G10 — organised different programmes to mark the week that aimed to create mass awareness on wildlife conservation.

Various programmes took place throughout the week to mark the celebration.

One such programme held on the first day was conservation rally that started from Prithivichowk to Chipledhunga.

Meanwhile, a street drama based on human-wildlife conflict was also staged during the week-long event.

On the second day, they organised a s…

Glancing back to the year 2070 B.S

I have no repents for what I couldn't accomplish but I am very grateful for what I have achieved so far. Year 2070 B.S was filled with lots of learning, networking, travelling.

I had a very joyous time at my hometown. The year itself began with networking. I met many people who are very close to me but I had never met them or known them. I also visited Sindhuligadhi, the place where Brave Gurkhas fought with 2000 British and got the glorious victory.

Ashar, Shrawan was exam time, rush hour. On Bhadra, had this opportunity to be a part of the International Conference on Forest, People and Climate: Changing Paradigm. It was very interesting to hear the research works of many experts.
Had this great opportunity to visit the beautiful Koshi plains, observe wild water buffaloes, rich culture and most importantly assist research in Human-elephant conflict. KTWR and the local people loved me immensely and I am really grateful to Ashok dai for this opportunity. I do recall the paans ear…

USYC 2014: Two Days of Lifetime Momento


Being BAD !!!


Fantasy vs. Reality

I along with my friends gathered at our favorite café to enjoy cappuccino. This is a great way to combat with the freezing temperature of the capital. Then, we started babbling about everything. Girls and our guffs; absolutely indispensable to each other. Kriti said, ‘ Argh, My boyfriend is so unromantic. He never buys gifts for me, never asks for a date or long-drive. He is so boring.’
‘Oh! Lucky me. My boyfriend is so adorable. He treats me like a princess. He is my Raj and I am his Simran. We will be together for years and years. He has promised that his love will never wither.’- exclaimed Rita.

We rushed towards class as the break was over. After someday, I received a call from Rita, she was sobbing. ‘He just deceived me. He is in relationship with somebody else. I am destroyed.’ She burst into tears. I did not know what to say.
I was in sheer dilemma. My mind was questioning, ‘What does it mean to be in relationship? What do you want from your partner? What are the characteris…