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Voice against Assault!!!

Oh God, not again. I don't know why newspapers are always filled with violence against women in different forms these days. You know what women are always susceptible to violence in each and every step of her life. Between April 2012-13, WOREC recorded 793 cases of domestic violence, 200 cases of social violence, 256 cases of rape, 42 cases of attempt to rape, 163 cases of murder and 22 cases of attempt to murder, 32 cases of trafficking and 55 cases of sexual violence. It is not common for women to seek assistance from any source for violence they have experienced; 77% have never sought help and 64% have never told anyone. Beyond such direct forms of violence, women experience violence when trafficked into forced labor or prostitution. Between 5,000 and 12,000 girls and women aged 10 to 20 years of age are trafficked every year, 75 percent of whom are below 18 years of age and the majority of whom are sold into forced prostitution. With a heavy heart, I rushed towards my college. …