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Guru Brahmah guru Vishnu guru deva Maheshwora: guru sakshyat parabrahmah tasmai shri guru ve namaha:
There used to be a time when teachers were regarded as gods, the source of knowledge and enlightment. They were respected and greeted with full faith. Their each and every lesson was like amrit to the students; their every order was obeyed without any opposition. But, gone are the days!
Today, in this modernized world where everything is complex, the holy relationship between a teacher and student has become even more complex. Very few students seem to respect and idolize teachers .The days are gone when the student used to cut the finger as per the teacher’s wish like Eklavya did instead today, students demand their teachers head. Teachers no longer discipline their students; the opposite seems to be true. the unfortunate scenario is there for everyone to be acquainted with. The student of today is no longer content simply to study and form careers. There is unrest and…


Illness sucks and I am sure hardly anyone would oppose. Sticking to the bed all day long with no power in the body, you feel so clumsy and tired that u can’t even lift your head up. Such a helpless life. People feeling pity as well as shouting at you at your carelessness. How many times I should tell you to take care of yourself, irresponsible kid?”

C’mon no one becomes sick with interest. You look so ugly and you pungent. Oh! God, the dizziness and vomition, why should they be adorned with sickness? And the worst part, your tongue, it really betrays you. On the one hand you can’t have better food and whatever you taste, it is so bitter, yeak, you just can’t let the food go in. Who can forget the mighty medicines which with very many expectations are let to enter your body to defeat those antibodies which made you a very fragile being.
But, the best way to enjoy this time is to cope up with the situation .we really need to learn to adjust during this crucial period. …


My life has become a mind maze I could do nothing but gaze Everything I do turns bad This always makes me sad
Every time I tried to be nice I only got my heart’s slices But now, I don’t care I wouldn’t let down my tears
Rather, I would stand and dare to smile and throw all my fear coz I deserve to live my life just the way I like
No more pains, no more boundary My life won’t change for any somebody So, I’ll start to walk ahead leaving the rest coz, I don’t know about others but I am the best.


And the pain continues......

I couldn’t stop my tears to roll down my cheeks. I cried and cried and asked myself-“What was my fault? Did I disappoint you or let you down?” again I thought he might be kidding as he always does and trying to fool me but, he meant it. My mind was being echoed with his words and I was feeling as if someone is cutting me into pieces. Was our friendship meant to be broken in this way? “kritika, you are the one who is closest to me, even than me, myself.”- were these words a fake? Why did he do this?

Life, for me, had always been full of complexities. Since my childhood, I always had my own boundaries around me. The girl with strict and tough attitude and lots of expectations from life. I was always overloaded with the rules and responsibities being the eldest daughter in the family. I never had a life for myself. I was compelled to be matured by the circumstances and I even accepted it. I learnt to struggle with my pains and difficulties…