Thursday, December 9, 2010



Guru Brahmah guru Vishnu guru deva Maheshwora:
guru sakshyat parabrahmah tasmai shri guru ve namaha:

There used to be a time when teachers were regarded as gods, the source of knowledge and enlightment. They were respected and greeted with full faith. Their each and every lesson was like amrit to the students; their every order was obeyed without any opposition. But, gone are the days!

Today, in this modernized world where everything is complex, the holy relationship between a teacher and student has become even more complex. Very few students seem to respect and idolize teachers .The days are gone when the student used to cut the finger as per the teacher’s wish like Eklavya did instead today, students demand their teachers head. Teachers no longer discipline their students; the opposite seems to be true. the unfortunate scenario is there for everyone to be acquainted with. The student of today is no longer content simply to study and form careers. There is unrest and indiscipline prevalent among them due to high politicization.

We are seeing, how the students who used to bow their head in front of teachers are now smearing their face with black soot, ragging them and even beating inhumanly. Students have really stooped so low but today, not only students even teachers have lost their moralities. The teachers who are the torch bearers of the society have taken their job for granted and only the source of income. They no longer worry about their students’ future rather run behind their own future. We have even heard how a teacher turn out to be a devil who doesn’t feel ashamed for attempting rape and murder to his own pupil. This is just painful!

All these are really frustrating. Teaching is still regarded as one of the most noble and respectable professions all over the globe. In this crisis too, there are very teachers who are very happy guiding their students and sharing their knowledge so that their students can achieve what they aspire and get contentment. Personally, I even think that teachers can really change the student’s life. If Helen Keller hadn’t got the right teacher she would have never been able to live the wonderful life even being blind and deaf. So a teacher can either deteriorate or grant you a wonderful future.

Fortunately, I got the chance to gain the knowledge with very wonderful teachers in my life who always helped me to explore myself and have always been a source of inspiration to me. If I have to name a few amongst them; they are
Ram Kumar Thapa Sir (Deepika English School)
Dhruva raj Gyawali Sir (West Point high school)
Sudhir Jha Sir (Pentagon int’l college)
and my father, who is the greatest teacher in my life.
I even got chance to have cold wars with some of the teachers during school life but I tackled quite nicely with them and those memories are quite cherishable. Any ways, the thing is that the teachers should still be regarded as god and they deserve respect from us. So, in the holy occasion of teacher’s day, I would like to express my gratitude towards all the teachers who have given up their life in the mission to glorify their students’ future.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010



Illness sucks and I am sure hardly anyone would oppose. Sticking to the bed all day long with no power in the body, you feel so clumsy and tired that u can’t even lift your head up. Such a helpless life. People feeling pity as well as shouting at you at your carelessness. How many times I should tell you to take care of yourself, irresponsible kid?”

C’mon no one becomes sick with interest. You look so ugly and you pungent. Oh! God, the dizziness and vomition, why should they be adorned with sickness? And the worst part, your tongue, it really betrays you. On the one hand you can’t have better food and whatever you taste, it is so bitter, yeak, you just can’t let the food go in. Who can forget the mighty medicines which with very many expectations are let to enter your body to defeat those antibodies which made you a very fragile being.

But, the best way to enjoy this time is to cope up with the situation .we really need to learn to adjust during this crucial period. I realized it could have some positive aspects as well. When you’ll be having bed rest, your family members, friends and relatives come close to you, make you feel better and love you. They all treat you so softly that your heart could melt with your enemy as well. They make you feel that they care for you and are always by your side. During recovery, they feed you very delicious as well as nutritional diet which can be taken as plus point. Everything will go as you wish.

So, sickness can also be enjoyed rather complaining it. And the moral of the story can be that you should learn to make best out of anything. Whatever the situation is, turn it on according to you and enjoy it the fullest. Hence, illness rocks!!


My life has become a mind maze
I could do nothing but gaze
Everything I do turns bad
This always makes me sad

Every time I tried to be nice
I only got my heart’s slices
But now, I don’t care
I wouldn’t let down my tears

Rather, I would stand and dare
to smile and throw all my fear
coz I deserve to live my life
just the way I like

No more pains, no more boundary
My life won’t change for any somebody
So, I’ll start to walk ahead leaving the rest
coz, I don’t know about others but I am the best.


And the pain continues......

I couldn’t stop my tears to roll down my cheeks. I cried and cried and asked myself-“What was my fault? Did I disappoint you or let you down?” again I thought he might be kidding as he always does and trying to fool me but, he meant it. My mind was being echoed with his words and I was feeling as if someone is cutting me into pieces. Was our friendship meant to be broken in this way? “kritika, you are the one who is closest to me, even than me, myself.”- were these words a fake? Why did he do this?

Life, for me, had always been full of complexities. Since my childhood, I always had my own boundaries around me. The girl with strict and tough attitude and lots of expectations from life. I was always overloaded with the rules and responsibities being the eldest daughter in the family. I never had a life for myself. I was compelled to be matured by the circumstances and I even accepted it. I learnt to struggle with my pains and difficulties which made me very submissive as well as aggressive. Though I was quite happy, a small part of my heart always wished for a friend with whom I could be myself, with whom I would feel free to share my secrets, my pains and problems, with whom I could burst out my tears and even laugh with no fears. But I never had. So, friendship, for me was just a compulsion and truly, a waste of time. All those literary phrases regarding friendship were just rubbish, until my school days. But my opinion was compelled to alter by the entrance of few people in my life, yes! They are my friends and he was among them.

Our friendship began in very strange way, rather filmy way. We started to talk through truth or dare game and once he asked my number, I felt quite awkward. As I gave him my home number, he started blushing and spoke politely-“um...don’t you have cell phone...I need some of your notes.” and I gave him the number. He was a very shy boy.
Then, we started talking to each other. Though I found him quite different from me but thought of giving a try as I felt that he is a decent guy and chose him as one of my friends. I think, books and friends should be few but good. Gradually, I got to know him and I realized that he was among the few people who didn’t fear to speak truth about him whether it’s good or bad. He liked if someone pointed out his negative aspects which made me think that he is trust-worthy and little different. I was very happy to get a friend like him.

Though he was a bit careless but he even tried to be sincere. He was straight forward like me. He was innocent like a baby, very funny and emotional too. He was very childish, stubborn and was a huge fan of chocolates and sweets. He didn’t have confidence and feared in very small thing as well. But he wished success like a frog leaps, without any hard work. We used to talk for hours about life, struggle, aim, failures and even quarreled. He used to hide his pain within himself and try to give a big smile so that no one could see tears in his eyes. Sometimes, he used to be very hopeless with life and feared to face difficulties but I always tried to comfort him and made him realize that hardwork pays. He had that potential but he wasn’t exploring himself. I tried my best to make him responsible. Whenever he used to laugh freely, it gave me relief that my friendship could bring happiness in his life. I never wanted to interfere in his personal life but he himself used to say me everything about himself. The thing that i liked about our friendship that it was pure. I never feared that our friendship would turn into something else because we both didn’t want it. So, I felt those things which I had hidden deep inside myself, now can be expressed. I really felt too good. Being a friend, I thought it’s my responsibility to take care of him and even I tried my best. Though I couldn’t give solutions to all of his problems, doubts but I listened and tried to seek answers. Though I couldn’t change his destiny but I tried to be whenever he needed me. His successes are not mine yet I could share in his laughter and joy. His decisions are not mine to make or judge but I tried to support and encourage him. His every behaviors, his anger, laughter was very special. He liked to be praised and acted so sweetly whenever I praised him. I always cared him as a true friend but I never expected anything in return. So, I boasted for being such a friend.

I felt so bad when once he said-“ kritika, the day when our college would end , I wouldn’t be able to stop my tears because I have to depart from u .” I never wanted that day to come. Truly, I even didn’t want to imagine that day. But he eased the situation saying-“why do you think Galileo invented telephone?” which I answered with a smile –“it’s not Galileo, its Graham Bell.”...we both laughed so much.

I thought that our friendship is an example to everyone and happy with myself. I used to call him very often so that he would feel that his friend is always with him. I always said him-“you needn’t remember me in your happiness but don’t you dare to hide your pains with me.” I had always tried to understand him. I tried to make him laugh when he was about to cry. I am still sure that he would never find a friend like me. In this way our friendship was attaining heights.
But true is the saying-“too much of anything is bad” my care, wishes might have become bitter for him. He started behaving in a different way. I even tried to call him but he ignored it. when I asked him what’s matter, he instead started saying-“ I am always like this and why are you bothered about me?” I thought there might be something which is troubling him so I went to meet him but... he became so furious and said those words which still torment me-“who do you think you are? Truly, I am too much irritated by you and your so called friendship. I would be grateful if you stop calling me. So, good bye!”