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Looking back to the year 2015, it was a complete package in terms of learning, travelling , surviving, meeting friends and their families, and also waiting ;) Here, I have tried to pin-point the major 5 things of 2015.

1) GRADUATION 4 years of stay at Institute of Forestry, Danphe Hostel came to an end. Those surely were the best days of my life ad I miss it badly.  I am so much grateful to all my batch mates, teachers plus my family to make it sooo memorable for me. I have been blessed to have lifelong friends and memories in those years we stayed together. All those crazy acts. dances, and fun we did in the hostel, traveling together far and wide, tiring field works are still fresh due to these beautiful souls. Wishing them all the best in their future endeavor.

2.  FORESTACTION NEPAL Stepped into professional career after studies. Had a very short yet sweet memories from the workplace. Every day was a new lesson :) Met some awesome colleagues aka sisters, frens and brothers :)
3. E…