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Wanderlust: A strong desire or impulse to travel or wander and explore the world. 

It feels so nice to get back to you after a long journey, an extended work or a hectic exam. I had been thinking to write about  it since long but always got trapped by something else.

Travelling..... what does your mind clicks when you hear this word? It is the most beautiful activity in life that introduces you to yourself. Travelling is a pure form of rebellion and I have been enjoying every bit of it. I have almost visited 50 districts out of 75 districts in Nepal.

Frankly speaking, travelling was beyond my horizon few years back. I was like a caged nightingale happy in my own way but sadly unaware of what I could experience in this life. i was wasting my life rather than living it. Until the day, when everything got changed. I got a chance to come out of my box and see, explore everything around which was virgin to me. Studying forestry has become the most correct decision  that I have ever done.