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Divided heart!!

Here goes another blog reflecting my current life, full of random thoughts which sometimes make me go crazy. 

I guess it needs an outlet just to calm down. Finally, spring is here in Nebraska, umm, I think so! I see dandelions and many flowers blooming, birdies flying around and chirping celebrating the good weather. In addition, you see humans all over hehe! Yes, everyone is in the street, basking in the sun, enjoying the warmth and soaking all in before Nebraskan weather gets back to normal i.e. unpredictable.  I walk to university every day and I have been doing it almost for a year!  

I have been thinking to get a bike but for many reasons, I am more confident about my feet ;) than any other things hehe! Okay okay, forget about the weather now. Gotta talk what I was thinking. 
My second semester is almost over. Besides, failing multiple times in my project, doing assignments and teaching in the lab, I got to explore almost 7 different states and Australia ;) I really don't kn…