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Proud To Be What I Am

I am a girl with lots of courage And usually listen to Jason Mraz . I am bindass as well as disciplined Lots of expectations sometimes drive me insane. Poet to composer, dancer to Radio Jockey There is nothing I can’t be except lucky. Hate skinny jeans and all glam dresses The   plastic girls with Gucci sunglasses. I’m amazed to see the fashion haunted With high heels, short minis and lean thighs confronted. But it seems, I am the exception Amongst all skinny babes and their perfection. Zero size body and those fine curves Seems to attract everyone  but it gets on my nerves. All those dumbo’s and their puppets Wish I could disappear them in my pockets. I am fine to be what I am, A strict girl with big spectacles And  little fat at some layers. Big eyes, flat nose as well as long plaited hair I just love my family, friends and rest I don’t care. So, stop being showcase and try to be natural Needn’t be judged by my weight but by my morals……