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Letter to Man

Few months back, I had watched a video that was shared on facebook. It included a few children: a girl and some boys. The boys were first asked to watch the girl, then smile at her, embrace her. They did all those with giggles and some were blushing. Then suddenly, they were asked to slap her. Unlike other instructions, they were reluctant to obey. A boy said, ‘Real Men should respect her, love her, not beat her.’But, recalling most of the heinous and spine-chilling incidences that have been occurring every now and then in our society has developed a sense on fear on me. What if I am raped?? What if somebody pours acid on my face? What if this, what if that?????So, I want to convey my voice to 3 most important categories men of my life; My Father and My Brother and My Male friends. To Fathers:
I vividly remember when I was crawling towards you and those stout hands held me so that I won’t fall. Baba, you are the one who taught me how to deal with this world, and still teaching!!! You …