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Thailand Diaries-2

Well, I have no idea how am I gonna share about all those fun, adventures and beautiful memories I have collected during my 3 months' stay in Thailand.I was there for a internship of 2.5 months through Flyway Foundation to assist raptor migration count at Khao Dinsor, Chumphon which is one of the best sites in Asia to observe raptor migration.I will share all about it on my next post. Then, after those 2.5 months of learnings, working, and withering myself from the extreme sun, I yet took a refuge to the aquatic life, enjoying spectacular beaches, islands and some national parks. I thought of sharing my rest travelling in my first part of the Thailand blog. I hope it will make you giggle, enjoy and also literally take you into the world of sun, sand and shops. wohooo! Welcome to Thailand!!
As the autumn raptor migration count was wrapped up on Nov 15, I was pretty excited to explore southern Thailand. Being from a land locked country; I guess you can imagine the level of excitemen…