Being BAD !!!

Since the kindergarten level, we are taught to be good. I still remember how happy I used to be when my teachers, relatives, parents would call me ‘gyani nani’. But, what does it take to be a good girl?

Characteristics of a good girl;
Study well, get good job, dresses (the more complex the better), no parties, home by 5, talk less, no affairs (otherwise would be called as sluts), all house hold chores, no shouting, no loud laughter, no discussions, marry at time (sooner the better), bear child soon, and the list just doesn't end; And greatest of all, bearing adversities with a smile.

On the contrary, Hindu mythology also claim that God would be happy in that house where women are respected well.
“Yaed grihe pujyate nari
Ramante tatra devata”

Our culture has made women submissive, shy, introvert, fragile and always shadowed. But it has also described gallantry role of women. Her courage, patience, strength, creativity, intelligence are very much admired in our ancient mythologies. If both dauntlessness and demureness are well praised in the mythologies, then why our society wants us to be demure rather than dauntless at present?
Why are we compelled to act shy rather than outspoken? 

Should women become like men in order to become equal with men and women or should both men and women become androgynous, each person combining the correct blend of positive masculine and feminine characteristics in order to be equal with every person? This is my fight, our fight against ourselves and against the discrimination, exploitation we are going through.

I can’t force myself to do things that I am not comfortable with. I can’t mute my laughter, I can’t tolerate any injustice, I can’t agree whatever others try to impose upon me. And I can’t give up all my Dreams just to be considered as a so-called Good Girl. I am damn sure, I am not alone; there are millions behind me, together with me aspiring for the beacon of freedom and equality.
Hence, I prefer being Bad!!


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