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Travel diaries: Karnataka Calling!!!!! Part-1

Travel, it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller. Travelling is a form of rebel and once the travel bug bites us, there is no any antidote.  To pacify my wanderlust, I have been travelling near and far (farthest is India) and trust me nothing gives you such immense happiness and vibes than being a vagabond does. 
Finally, I received most awaited break from my mundane life at the moment and this time, it's Bengaluru Calling!!! Early May, I got an email that my research on vultures is selected to be presented at Student Conference on Conservation Science 2015, Bengaluru. This was pretty exciting news for me amidst the tragedy of earthquake. I have been to India few times but with different purpose and this time I was presenting my work. I booked my flights, prepared my poster and the day arrived when I found myself wandering inside the Tribhuvan International Airport baffled with all the procedures that I needed to follow. 
I was thinking to myself, 'How can peop…

Multi-faceted Madhes!! My Pride!!

Nepal is geographically divided into 3 regions: Mountain(15%), Hilly (68%) and Terai(17%) of total land. Terai comprises 50.27% of the total population of the country.
Belonging to Inner terai, I share a deep intimacy, affection and regards to all my Madhesi brother and sisters. I have a very complicated origin; Born in Sindhuli(Inner Terai), raised in Kathmandu(mid hill) and still look like Gurungs( as many think I am cross bred lol from Mountains). Most of my families and relatives live in Janakpur, Sarlahi, Biratnagar, Sindhuli of course, similarly in mid hills and I love traveling to mountains. I acquire the essence of all three regions in me. However at times, I felt the identity crisis. Where do I actually belong? And I console myself saying I am first a Nepali and all these traits  make me unique. I have been to almost 50 districts of Nepal, traversed all across southern plains. Danabari in the east to Mahendranagar in the west, have embraced me whole heartedly and I do feel th…

Letter to Man

Few months back, I had watched a video that was shared on facebook. It included a few children: a girl and some boys. The boys were first asked to watch the girl, then smile at her, embrace her. They did all those with giggles and some were blushing. Then suddenly, they were asked to slap her. Unlike other instructions, they were reluctant to obey. A boy said, ‘Real Men should respect her, love her, not beat her.’But, recalling most of the heinous and spine-chilling incidences that have been occurring every now and then in our society has developed a sense on fear on me. What if I am raped?? What if somebody pours acid on my face? What if this, what if that?????So, I want to convey my voice to 3 most important categories men of my life; My Father and My Brother and My Male friends. To Fathers:
I vividly remember when I was crawling towards you and those stout hands held me so that I won’t fall. Baba, you are the one who taught me how to deal with this world, and still teaching!!! You …

An account of the destructive earthquake in Nepal: Narrow escape!!

I remain traumatized from the effects of the April 25th Nepal earthquake, but I am also optimistic at what Nepal can now become. On April 25th, 2015, I was visiting the Boudhanath stupa, one of the UNESCO’s world’s heritage sites, to meet my friends for conversation and coffee. We were busy talking when without warning, everything started to shake. The cups and chairs, tables and plates began to fall. We rushed outside the cafĂ©, not fully aware of what was taking place. We hugged each other and stood next to the wall of Boudhanath stupa. Looking up, we saw cracks in the Boudhanath stupa. It wasn’t safe. People were yelling, crying and very were frightened. We tried to console each other but earth tremors continued at random intervals, keeping us on edge the entire time. We were looked towards the buildings and stupa, waiting for them to collapse. I tried connect to the internet in order to get updates via facebook. I soon learned that even my Indian and Bangladeshi friends feIt the qua…

The Vulture Song!!


MAR 02 - In 1832, the English naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin described vultures as “disgusting birds with bald heads formed to revel in putridity.” Since time immemorial, vultures have been always been characterised as ugly, cruel, greedy creatures. The term ‘vulture’ is also often used to refer to someone who exploits others. But are these birds that ugly or cunning? If one looks at these birds carefully, you will see the other side of these magnificent birds. To hate vultures is similar to hating people who sweep the streets every morning and keep our cities clean or those who collect and manage garbage. Vultures are the nature’s clean-up crew. These birds play an important role in maintaining a clean environment through rapid consumption of animal carcasses and human dead bodies that undergo sky burials practised in some parts of Nepal and Tibet. By devouring filthy carcasses, they pre…

Awareness through Art!!

As the saying goes,' A picture is worth a thousand words!!' 

On the joint collaboration of US Embassy Youth Council (USYC), Animal Rights Club (ARC), & YUWA, drawing competition was organized within the students of Shree Malpur Secondary School, Sauraha Chitwan. Program was conducted with the theme of the conservation of endangered Asian elephants on 11th January, 2015. Altogether, 44 students took part in the competition who drew the pictures of elephants with the message - "Hatti Mero Sathi" i.e "Elephant: my friend".
There are approximately 16,000 working elephants in dozens of countries of Asia and 208 in Nepal. Mahouts often do have a deep and genuine care for the wellbeing of their elephants. For example, traditional mahout culture includes Tharus, who are known widely for their strong bond with nature and animals. But still they are compelled to treat elephants with cruelty because of the widespread misconception that pain and fear is necessary for…

Into oneself !!

TIME: a simple 4 lettered word which is the most powerful thing. It can create topsy turvy changes in a glimpse. Time transfigures everything and everyone. 
Recently, we celebrated New year, welcoming 2015 and bidding farewell to 2014. The whole one year has gone and another has started but along with time, are there any other changes? We talk about developments in our lives, in the lives of people around us, in the country and even the world. With lots of advancement in science and technology, we have been passing the time even comfort. We listen to songs, read books, chat with friends, social networking sites, etc etc. We have lots of options to not to be alone.
I was wondering, how many of us just try to think about ourselves or talk to ourselves in some lone time? How many of us doesn't need any means to distract us from being oneself ? Actually, I felt this is a very important practice that we should follow regularly; giving time for yourself. This would not only refreshes y…