Glancing back to the year 2070 B.S

I have no repents for what I couldn't accomplish but I am very grateful for what I have achieved so far. Year 2070 B.S was filled with lots of learning, networking, travelling.

Baisakh/Jestha: My visit to Sindhuli, my home town.. @Sindhuligadhi
I had a very joyous time at my hometown. The year itself began with networking. I met many people who are very close to me but I had never met them or known them. I also visited Sindhuligadhi, the place where Brave Gurkhas fought with 2000 British and got the glorious victory.

Ashar, Shrawan was exam time, rush hour. On Bhadra, had this opportunity to be a part of the International Conference on Forest, People and Climate: Changing Paradigm. It was very interesting to hear the research works of many experts.

Had this great opportunity to visit the beautiful Koshi plains, observe wild water buffaloes, rich culture and most importantly assist research in Human-elephant conflict. KTWR and the local people loved me immensely and I am really grateful to Ashok dai for this opportunity. I do recall the paans early in the morning and barmajhiya's peda in the evenings and the famous Ranjit bhaiya :) 

Boating on ghodaghodi lake.. College tour
 Ashwin started with the journey towards Western Nepal and Uttarakhand, India as our college tour. The best moments of college life where classmates become friends, where love blooms and bonding become stronger. We visited Bardia National Park, Shuklaphanta W.LR, Forest Research Institute, Haldwani, Dehradun, Nainitaal, Musoorie, India. These are the best days of my life, the moments we share with our friends.
Mera bodyguards at FRI(Student of the Year was shot here;))
ASKB4; MY Besties!!!

Dashain, tihar celebration took over the latter part of Ashwin and initial Kartik. 

Mangsir was another important month where I got the chance to be a part of WEPA(Working Elephants Programme of Asia). I learned about positive reinforcement method to train the sweet elephants. Met many amazing people. Helena, Marc(my Guru), Sudeer dai, Nirvaya, Aija,Karpa Sandesh Kadur (Nat Geo videographer) Freya, Amanda, Brian, last but not the least Shawn ;) I celebrated my Birthday at Chitwan+ Home. I got many insights on Elephant biology and the training method. 

My article featuring South Asian Youth Conference in The Himalayan Times
3rd South Asian youth conference was another important part of this year where I met my fellow neighbours from South Asian regions, discussed about the common problems, shared our ideas, knowledge, and inspired each other. I was amazed by the passion, energy and the wish to make a difference in every one's eyes. Made some very good friends, talked a lot( couldn't sleep for 3 days), played some strange games, midnight memories. 

Yay, Sikles.... No words to explain the fun we had there. Homestay, Maghe Sankranti, The Edge Band, Jeep Ride and price conflict, the Panchkanya dance, Gurung culture etc etc.. The mountains... It still makes me laugh like crazy person. 
Following month was too boring, exam and all. 

Then, comes Falgun... Mero pyaro Okhaldhunga, Bhusinga(Sherpaland)

My most adventurous journey to the place called Bhusinga, one of its kind, my first travel to the mountains at an altitude of 3300m with only men ;) Was indebted my the love, hospitality, Se Se culture of Sherpas, various delicacies made up of potatoes only.. Camping in the middle of the jungle, snowing, running behind scats, chilling cold, rhododendron clad forests, open defecation in the woods ;), self -defense, revolution talkies, Dream House... Continuous walking for 2 days..This is the most exciting, thrilling travel. Thank you so much John Brooks.. I have no words to thank you. 
Last but not the least, got selected in the US Embassy Youth Advisory Council 2014. Ya, I know I missed 2 days n I am not in the group photo but I am happy to join the program at the end.  As the famous Hindi dialogue, 'Hero's entry is always at last scene.' I don't know if I am speaking too much. Hehe, but I loved it. Many inspiring people from all around the country.
Oops, I forgot to include the another important thing of 2070B.S, Guess what??
Yes, yes... I know it sounds soo girly but I trimmed my long, beautiful hair. Now, I feel I have no hair at all. I feel so bad when I look people with long hair around. Argh!!  And I feel so Nepali myself, trying attires of different culture!!

To conclude, year 2070B.S was a gift to me. I had many good memories, new learning, many good friends, lots of energy to make a difference, to dream. Life would definitely be dull without ups and downs but with less peaks and falls. 2 things I learnt out of many things;
1. Life lived in fear is life not lived.
2. Try Not, Do or Do Not!!! 

So, Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2071 B.S. I would love to see this year as Year Of Actions!!!!!


  1. Hey Anneesha,

    it is great to read that you had a stunning year! Keep on following your dreams! It's energizing and inspiring!

    Challenge yourself with something you know you could never do, and what you’ll find is that you can overcome anything.
    Love Brian

  2. great blog sister. i felt like i was there to see your adventurous journey as i went through your blog.brilliant writing....
    all the best for your future and happy new year..

  3. Brian,
    Thank you so much for your inspiring words..Will follow it :)

  4. Aanchal baini,
    Thank you so much. Wish u a great year and future... Reach the Acme of your dremas!


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