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Telling a Tale: Little Cormorant and his Solitude

My book shelf needed a micro- cleaning as it was completely enveloped with dust. I felt pity over the books and note-copies. They might be cursing me for the plight. Suddenly, something fell over the head. Aww, I had a bump, it may be punishment for my deed. It was one of my very old note-book, I started flipping through the pages and interestingly I found my all time favorite incident.  The loud alarm that dragged me out of my dream, the clock struck 6 am. The window pane was covered by thick fog and the view outside was completely blurred. Unwillingly, I got up from my bed. I was attending training and bird-watching was scheduled in the morning. So, I armed myself with the binoculars, bird-book, note-book, pen and a camera. Narayani river was the destination as it was the season of migratory birds. As soon as we entered the forest, I saw a chubby Crested Serpent Eagle staring at me. It was just amazing. Slowly, we headed towards Narayani.I couldn’t believe my eyes, what a spectacular v…