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A tale of two souls!

"I don't know anything, the only thing I know is: I love U"
that's how it started. His cupid darted right straight to her heart and she couldn’t escape! The wound was very deep but she wasn’t feeling any pain as if she was longing for it since long.
Aastha was a simple, young, energetic girl. She loved the way she was. Her friend’s said that she was quite cheerful, never afraid to stand up against anything wrong and very friendly! She was very bold kind of girl. It was very rare to see her sad and quite.
But like many of us, she had 2 faces; the one she was showing was strong, bold and happy while the hidden one was the sad, silent and fragile part of her deep within herself. As a normal teenager, she also wished for her prince charming that would hold her, embrace her and make her feel special. The guy who would accept her the way she is; both bold as well as fragile, silent, solitaire as well as gregarious. She was so complex yet simple. But all these feeling was l…

Struggling with myself!

I don't know what to write and what to say but still i couldn't help it...
Neva thought this would happen
Neva thought i would feel it
Neva thought i would be so deep
Neva thought it would end before starting!
I neva wanted this to happen and i did..
Now i realize its all my fault!
I neva meant to!
Am i forbidden?
Is it sinful?
Can't i dream?
I m so fragile n weak..
I had to surrender!
but i m not going to be helpless..i will fight..and i will take revenge for all the pain!
I will fight wid myself! I will fight wid the thoughts! i will fight with the conceptions! i will fight wid the society! i will not let this happen wid others!
i kept quite for long but it doesn'
t mean i can't! I will not only complain now..
i will dare to change!
I will fight!!