Multi-faceted Madhes!! My Pride!!

Nepal is geographically divided into 3 regions: Mountain(15%), Hilly (68%) and Terai(17%) of total land. Terai comprises 50.27% of the total population of the country.

Belonging to Inner terai, I share a deep intimacy, affection and regards to all my Madhesi brother and sisters. I have a very complicated origin; Born in Sindhuli(Inner Terai), raised in Kathmandu(mid hill) and still look like Gurungs( as many think I am cross bred lol from Mountains). Most of my families and relatives live in Janakpur, Sarlahi, Biratnagar, Sindhuli of course, similarly in mid hills and I love traveling to mountains. I acquire the essence of all three regions in me. However at times, I felt the identity crisis. Where do I actually belong? And I console myself saying I am first a Nepali and all these traits  make me unique. I have been to almost 50 districts of Nepal, traversed all across southern plains. Danabari in the east to Mahendranagar in the west, have embraced me whole heartedly and I do feel the same about them. I equally enjoyed the salty tea with Sherpa ladies in the north and meetha paan with my bhaiyas in the south. I was instantly a part of their families, their daughter and sister. Then, I never felt the identity crisis; It's utterly impossible to limit myself into one region or group saying Pahadiya and many opine the same. I have this privilege of taking any form and avataar as I like but the important feeling that holds us is being Nepali as a whole. Either you are tharu, madhesi, pahadiya, kirat, magrat, himali or any other unique ethnic group, first and foremost you are Nepali.But today, dirty politics have blindfolded many people. Brothers are fighting in the name of castes and ethnicity and with these we have again turned back to the plight before Prithvi narayan Shah united all these different pearls into one.

Madhes, as I know is completely different from what I am seeing now. And there are far more critical issues that need attention than just these political agendas. I can see ourselves turning into scapegoat for the sake of these bloodsucking traitors who give damn about the citizens and their welfare. I don't know why we have to support such leeches ever? It's not the time to blame each other, it's the time to envisioning a better Nepal, rising from the rubbles!!!

Well, I am already frustrated talking about this so I am sharing some pics that were taken during my field visit in Madhesh :)

Mustard fields at Chitwan and Nawalparasi

Planting paddy at Sunsari&Mangoes sold at Lahan

Terai is regarded as the breadbasket of the country. The southern plain produces most of the food and fruits, supplying to whole nation and exporting surplus quantity. Discrimination is everywhere but it depends on us how to change our mentality first rather than fighting amongst each other. Trust me, I was quite surprised when my friends from madhes told me they rarely buy rice, lentils and vegetable oil as these are produced in their own lands. I wished to buy land on terai someday, and I still do!!

A beautiful woman  at Koshi Barrage

I met her during my field work in Koshi Tappu.  She was so much hardworking woman busy serving customers however she was sooo cheerful. I think  it's the asset of Nepalese. " Smiling even in the adversity"

Inquisitive & Innocent kids at Sunsari

Hardworking people in Eastern Terai

They are the ones who have to tolerate extreme scorching sun as well as spine freezing cold. They struggle all their lives for their livelihood. They are the worst hit of this so-called strike. How can we ensure happiness, rights and well-being affecting these people's lives while the rest  who are meant to be fighting for them are enjoying the delicacies served by the neighbors! 

Terai is still facing the wrath of  various social problems; domestic violence, illiteracy, lack of sanitation and much more. Women face lots and lots of problems; accusing them as witches, torturing them for dowry, child-marriage are still crippling in terai. We surely need to focus on education to reduce this gap and make them independent. Sanitation is the another pressing issue that needs urgent attention. Poor feeding habits, polluted ponds in the locality, lack of cleanliness is risking many lives.

Marching towards education

All these can only be solved only if we are educated. Hence, govt must ensure sound education system and policies in the country specially in Madhes to cope very serious issues. A single educated woman at home, educates the whole family. So, better focus and invest on Sikshit Beti (educated daughter) than collecting dowry for her marriage.

Buffaloes n kids

Kids in Madhesh share very cordial relation with the animals. Actually, they don't need toys to play with. They go swimming in nearby ponds with the buffaloes and hence animals play important role in their social as well as economic aspect. In addition, bullock-cart is a very common mode of transportation as well. 
Mothers: First teacher in our lives

An emerging Engineer

Hatiya bazaar: the traditional communal market where local products are sold in specific days within the community

Beautiful faces

 Terai harbours most of the nation's biodiversity hotspots. Tigers, Asian elephants, wild water buffaloes, one horned rhinoceros, leopards and much more make this region super special. They are rich in natural as well as cultural resources contributing alot in the tourism industry of Nepal.

Arna at koshi Tappu & Rhino at Chitwan

Scenic beauties at Chitwan and Janakpur Temple 

Terai has been an epitome of unity in diversity, happily staying together since ages. Children are the hope of a developing nation. They need to be well educated in a favorable environment so that they can contribute in regional as well as overall development of the nation.

While the whole country is suffering at the moment, madhes has been drenched in blood. Many have been expressing their views as pahades and rest discriminate the terai but I wud like to ask a question, just becoz a son get angry with his father at times, it doesn't mean they don't love each other. Terai is the father  feeding the whole nation and how come we discriminate our own father. Madhes is a part of us. We are a complete nation with dignified mountains in the north, beautiful midhills and then fertile south.  Please end the ongoing violence and work collectively towards prosperous and peaceful Terai. Nothing can disrupt the bonding we have until and unless we think rationally. Lets not be the puppets of so called politicians who are just fooling us to fulfill their selfish motives. 


                                          TOGETHER WE RISE; DIVIDED WE FALL

                                                                                            JAY NEPAL!!

PS. Thank you Adarsha dai and Manoj for providing some of the pictures :) 


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