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Jungle owlet hoots early in the dawn And drags me out of my dream Unwillingly, I molt from the sleeping bag ‘Let’s go commandos’ I hear a call He’s none other than our Raju dai!
Around the fire, we gather Rapid fire round ticks in the clock Heart beats as if it’s gonna explode now Everyone looks pale as if they are sentenced to hell.
With the arms and ammunitions (C’mon not for the war) Including binoculars, books, note books, pen and camera Along the transects we march ahead into the wild.
Oh, that’s black kite points one No, that’s Osprey yells another ‘sssh, this is a jungle not a fish market’ We start whispering.
Few steps ahead, we fit our camera traps Hoping to capture all the animals When it comes to perform walk test I am always a Rhino! We hear a strange noise behind the bushes Wow, there’s a rhino enjoying his meal Hiding behind the trees, we try to have a glance And enjoy the scene.
Following the pugmarks, scats and pellets We run across the river, forest, grasslands Every day is a new learning And …


The mighty canines that smeared many preys are now blunt The tusks that clashed in great battles are just show cases The growls of bear that was once so loud has turned mute The birds have stopped singing and monkeys have stopped climbing The rhinos and hippos have no works except sleeping and basking.
Isn’t it pathetic?
And no more wild as the wilderness is gone Have turned to living specimens with nothing own Compelled to live behind the bars And hear the human’s noise and tease. The legendary is dead and gone.

“Oh dear human, please leave me free! Let me spread my wings and fly in the sky Let me run far and wide Let me sing the songs I like Let me live my own life” Is what I read through their eyes!