Thursday, March 28, 2013

Still Waiting for U......................

Yah, I am still waiting
And waiting as per you said
I am patiently waiting my love.

I do agree, time is very cruel
It rushes and we won’t be able
To hold it tight
But, can this time change our love
The feelings, the moments
That we shared together?

Ya, I still believe you
Even if you did not speak
I can read it through you deep eyes
Those eyes where I used to dwell
That heart where I used to beat.

And even if you’ve turned indifferent
Even if you’ve turned mute
Even if you’ve successfully forbidden me

Somewhere one of the corners of my heart
still hopes you’ll return back
to hold my hand
to set a new journey together.

But for now, I have learned
to live without you or
say to live with you everyday
coz you haven’t escaped from me.

Where have you been?
I used to run far and wide
thinking you’ve been hiding in the crowd.
thinking you’ve been lost in the mist.

Tired at my defeat, I cried
whole day and night, night and day
silently under my quilt.

But now I’ve realized
To seek you outward was just in vain
Coz you’ve been hiding within me
You’ve been breathing within me
And I have finally found you
Finally found you!!!!!!!