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Multi-faceted Madhes!! My Pride!!

Nepal is geographically divided into 3 regions: Mountain(15%), Hilly (68%) and Terai(17%) of total land. Terai comprises 50.27% of the total population of the country.
Belonging to Inner terai, I share a deep intimacy, affection and regards to all my Madhesi brother and sisters. I have a very complicated origin; Born in Sindhuli(Inner Terai), raised in Kathmandu(mid hill) and still look like Gurungs( as many think I am cross bred lol from Mountains). Most of my families and relatives live in Janakpur, Sarlahi, Biratnagar, Sindhuli of course, similarly in mid hills and I love traveling to mountains. I acquire the essence of all three regions in me. However at times, I felt the identity crisis. Where do I actually belong? And I console myself saying I am first a Nepali and all these traits  make me unique. I have been to almost 50 districts of Nepal, traversed all across southern plains. Danabari in the east to Mahendranagar in the west, have embraced me whole heartedly and I do feel th…