Fantasy vs. Reality

 I along with my friends gathered at our favorite café to enjoy cappuccino. This is a great way to combat with the freezing temperature of the capital.
Then, we started babbling about everything. Girls and our guffs; absolutely indispensable to each other.
Kriti said, ‘ Argh, My boyfriend is so unromantic. He never buys gifts for me, never asks for a date or long-drive. He is so boring.’

‘Oh! Lucky me. My boyfriend is so adorable. He treats me like a princess. He is my Raj and I am his Simran. We will be together for years and years. He has promised that his love will never wither.’- exclaimed

We rushed towards class as the break was over. After someday, I received a call from Rita, she was sobbing. ‘He just deceived me. He is in relationship with somebody else. I am destroyed.’ She burst into tears. I did not know what to say.

I was in sheer dilemma. My mind was questioning, ‘What does it mean to be in relationship? What do you want from your partner? What are the characteristics that you seek in your girl-friend or boy-friend?’
I think a relationship is all about two people who love each other very much who support each other in there every endeavor and are there for one another when they are needed most. They stand side by side looking out at the world; who are not perfect but perfect to each other but complete each other. And who are completely comfortable with each other.

Every time I ask these questions to my friends, they start narrating either the characters of fairy tales or some Bollywood movies. The problem of our generation is this pre-occupied mindset about love and relationship. We dream of a Cinderella’s ending that a rich, handsome guy will come riding in his blazing car or motorbike (C’mon, we won’t dream him to come in white horse or may be some dream that too), hold our hand and then fly back to his wonderland. We expect our first love to last for ages and ages, which is completely a fantasy.
But opposite of this expectation, we find him/her not performing any such magical tricks. We will face various grey side of being in a relationship, issues, disagreements, possessiveness etc. When we find that nothing match between world of imagination and reality, conflict occurs which result in end of a relationship. This can be very destructive in many cases.

This is the reason what makes eternal love ephemeral. Thus, I believe relationship is all about respect, trust, love, support that helps to create our own real world. We have to put the fantasy aside and light up our real world.  Sometimes, a relationship may fail but it’s not an end of the world; we need to move on taking the past experience as a new learning in life. 


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