Guru Brahmah guru Vishnu guru deva Maheshwora:
guru sakshyat parabrahmah tasmai shri guru ve namaha:

There used to be a time when teachers were regarded as gods, the source of knowledge and enlightment. They were respected and greeted with full faith. Their each and every lesson was like amrit to the students; their every order was obeyed without any opposition. But, gone are the days!

Today, in this modernized world where everything is complex, the holy relationship between a teacher and student has become even more complex. Very few students seem to respect and idolize teachers .The days are gone when the student used to cut the finger as per the teacher’s wish like Eklavya did instead today, students demand their teachers head. Teachers no longer discipline their students; the opposite seems to be true. the unfortunate scenario is there for everyone to be acquainted with. The student of today is no longer content simply to study and form careers. There is unrest and indiscipline prevalent among them due to high politicization.

We are seeing, how the students who used to bow their head in front of teachers are now smearing their face with black soot, ragging them and even beating inhumanly. Students have really stooped so low but today, not only students even teachers have lost their moralities. The teachers who are the torch bearers of the society have taken their job for granted and only the source of income. They no longer worry about their students’ future rather run behind their own future. We have even heard how a teacher turn out to be a devil who doesn’t feel ashamed for attempting rape and murder to his own pupil. This is just painful!

All these are really frustrating. Teaching is still regarded as one of the most noble and respectable professions all over the globe. In this crisis too, there are very teachers who are very happy guiding their students and sharing their knowledge so that their students can achieve what they aspire and get contentment. Personally, I even think that teachers can really change the student’s life. If Helen Keller hadn’t got the right teacher she would have never been able to live the wonderful life even being blind and deaf. So a teacher can either deteriorate or grant you a wonderful future.

Fortunately, I got the chance to gain the knowledge with very wonderful teachers in my life who always helped me to explore myself and have always been a source of inspiration to me. If I have to name a few amongst them; they are
Ram Kumar Thapa Sir (Deepika English School)
Dhruva raj Gyawali Sir (West Point high school)
Sudhir Jha Sir (Pentagon int’l college)
and my father, who is the greatest teacher in my life.
I even got chance to have cold wars with some of the teachers during school life but I tackled quite nicely with them and those memories are quite cherishable. Any ways, the thing is that the teachers should still be regarded as god and they deserve respect from us. So, in the holy occasion of teacher’s day, I would like to express my gratitude towards all the teachers who have given up their life in the mission to glorify their students’ future.



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