Illness sucks and I am sure hardly anyone would oppose. Sticking to the bed all day long with no power in the body, you feel so clumsy and tired that u can’t even lift your head up. Such a helpless life. People feeling pity as well as shouting at you at your carelessness. How many times I should tell you to take care of yourself, irresponsible kid?”

C’mon no one becomes sick with interest. You look so ugly and you pungent. Oh! God, the dizziness and vomition, why should they be adorned with sickness? And the worst part, your tongue, it really betrays you. On the one hand you can’t have better food and whatever you taste, it is so bitter, yeak, you just can’t let the food go in. Who can forget the mighty medicines which with very many expectations are let to enter your body to defeat those antibodies which made you a very fragile being.

But, the best way to enjoy this time is to cope up with the situation .we really need to learn to adjust during this crucial period. I realized it could have some positive aspects as well. When you’ll be having bed rest, your family members, friends and relatives come close to you, make you feel better and love you. They all treat you so softly that your heart could melt with your enemy as well. They make you feel that they care for you and are always by your side. During recovery, they feed you very delicious as well as nutritional diet which can be taken as plus point. Everything will go as you wish.

So, sickness can also be enjoyed rather complaining it. And the moral of the story can be that you should learn to make best out of anything. Whatever the situation is, turn it on according to you and enjoy it the fullest. Hence, illness rocks!!


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