Nepal to Nebraska

Chasing my dreams in the pursuits of excellence, I have traversed thousands miles to be here in USA. Yes, I am not that strong, I cry at nights sometimes missing my family and friends. I miss the familiarity that used to make me feel safe, the place that I knew and was close to my heart, my home.
But I guess when you have big dreams visioning with the small eyes, you have to make some sacrifices. I wanted to enrich myself with the greater knowledge and I have been granted with this opportunity. I am trying my best to adapt to American culture, advance systems, different in every way. It’s not that easy but I have been doing fine. I feel like a strolling baby , trying to walk but also falling many times. I guess that’s what life is all about; to be able to grow, learn as a person. If we stay stable, too comfortable we will never feel the urge to learn as we feel like we know things much better.

My stay in Lincoln has been really nice so far. I had a training to attend in university where I met so many other young people like me going through the same phase who have left home following their dreams to be fulfilled here. The people here are welcoming too specially from my department(School of Biological Science). I have felt welcomed by every single person and how kind they are to me. Everyday I walk passing the state capitol building which is a local landmark for me. It stands out in the crowd making it easier for me not to get lost. Lincoln is  a small yet beautiful city. I did some exploring of the city a little before the school began ; visited some museums, strolled around downtown and also visited Holmes lake. 

The journey is long and will try my best to make it as smooth as possible. I would end reciting the phrase of my favorite poem by Robert Frost,
The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep 
and Miles to go before I sleep
miles to go before I sleep. 


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