And then life happens

I remember reading that life is never a straight line as per the ECG , if it's straight one is dead. Hence, life is meant to have all the ups and downs, highs and lows, crest and trough.

It's so easy to be happy at good times but its equally challenging to face the tough times in life. It's like a fear with death somewhat. We know it can come anytime but still we don't want it to come same is with the hard times in life.

I feel quite fascinated when the good and bad times follow each other so perfectly in a pattern.  After you enjoy some good summer days, the winter crawls in to freeze u, cripple you and make u feel worn out. But when it becomes so predictable, it develops fear inside you. You wouldn't be able to enjoy your happiness coz you fear that it wont last long and it will be followed by tough times which can be very severe. Then, as expected the bad time creeps in when nothing is right. Sometimes, we can think that it's not gonna last long and soon be followed by good days but it's very hard to console our heart which is so much in pain.

Life can get very shitty at times, all we can do is persevere and try looking for those silver linings in the dark clouds you are succumbed into. It's very true that we can't please everyone if we want to achieve something in life. It is our battle and it us who have to be prepared for our own sake. Nobody else will. We will miss the hug and a warm gesture of love and support and seek a gentle pat on our back but you will be all by urself so just brace urself for the uphill battle and pat urself when u need it.

So, the best idea is to immerse in the situation you are in. If you are having amazing days, soak urself in completely. Forget about what is waiting for you soon, enjoy what is with you at the present. Then when the trouble knocks ur door, welcome it with all your heart, Treat it well like a guest and then farewell :) 


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