The Poplar Tree

Out of my arched window, I was peering through
It was a quite sunny morning with cool breeze.
 Birds were chirping loud, people were rushing
But I felt a deep silence continuously whistling.

A smile appeared suddenly on my face
 And my eyes were wide open with grace
Coz I saw it born again
Battling through all those pain.
Yes, the Poplar tree which got killed
Has revived one more time.

I do remember it’s mighty trunk
With giant bushy branches that got shrunk
How the birds hovered around n nested there
And in turn, the way it always showed love and care.


I used to lean at its trunk when got tired
And talked for hours as if I was sired
The way it relieved all my pains
I would have saved it at any instance.

But, one cruel morning, some barbarians appeared
Chopped it into many pieces and the field was cleared.
I wept and pleaded on my knees
To leave it and asked for choppers to seize
But my turned mute to those brutal men
Instead they had browbeaten me as if I was insane.

Since then, there was no chirping heard
No cattles grazed and no rains occurred.

Seeing the green seedlings again in the field
All those sufferings got magically healed.
The Heaven has spoken that no one can decree
That the plant will rise high and above, yay, My Poplar Tree!!!


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