A Journey to Remember

Never stop just because you feel defeated. The journey to the other side is attainable only after great suffering. 
Life is full of uncertainties and surprises and this is the reason why we can take a look at the past and always cherish those moments. 

I remember the day 24th June,2013 which holds a wonderful cover story. Actually, I have no words to explain that moment, every single part of the day but still I tried to scrabble. I was on my way to Pokhara after spending some quality time at home. I like to travel a lot but not in vehicle. I just hate to be limited to a seat and spend soo long time doing nothing. But, I am compelled sometimes. Another thing is I am very gregarious and a chatterbox. I feel really bored when I have a very silent company beside. During my journey, I have  met many types of people; some are too serious, some are funny, some are irritating, some are adorable and some very creepy. I specially travel via tourist bus so I meet many tourists too and I just love to talk to them as I could talk about my country, people, culture and many more. And that day too I had an amazing person but she was Nepali.  
I was happy to have a sweet person by my side without knowing what's waiting ahead. Hehe, on the way we came to know that a district- Tanahun was declared to be banda (on a strike)
It was around 11.45 am when we had arrived Dumre but all the buses were compelled to stop until their(strikers) demands has been fulfilled.  Oh God, there we were stuck at the  bus in scorching sun. Later, we decided to walk around the town. We were not sure when the buses would be set free. I had never been in such situation but was enjoying little bit.  We kept on moving here and there and came to know that football tournament was going on nearby. I was really excited to see the match as I am a crazy fan of football. How would I have known that it was a very wrong decision. As soon as we reached the playground, we heard some noises from the highway. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw our buses was rushing ahead. i felt like a dream and my mouth was left wide open. Oh God, we ran like crazy beasts.

The bus was already out of sight. I had no idea what to do, my blind was completely blank but sooner I came to realize I need to call the driver. We were already mad and hah, our great NTC network, it was also adding the problem in a sweet way saying 'Sorry, we are unable to connect at the moment'  Finally, we were  able to connect to the driver but instead of consoling he was angry at us for our stupidity.  Ergg, the situation was frustrating. 

Suddenly, we saw a police jeep nearby and thought of asking help. But as per my expectations, they did not helped us instead they tried to magnify our difficulties. We had no idea what to do except running. 
It was so damn hot, we ran out of water and very very tired. Later, my phone rang and it was our driver who informed that he is coming in a motor-bike to receive us. We were relieved and grateful. Fortunately, there arrived a bus and we thought of asking lift . 

The bus had gone really far and we were really worried. if we had to run across it would have taken hours.  Finally, we reached where our bus was resting. We were completely wet with the sweat and my face had turned red. We both were panting so badly. We were soooo happy to catch the bus that we yelled madly and hugged each other. I never had any such experience in my entire life and I felt so much glad for the achievement. It felt awesome to recollect that moment. We both kept on laughing and laughing remembering our plight few minutes ago. I came to realize what it meant to lose something and get it back with so many hardship. 
I realized that no matter how hard it seems we should never be pessimist and work harder to achieve it. And if we wish it from our heart, the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
The way we spent 7 hours in a bus, the way we ran to catch the bus, the way we yelled, the way we finally made it. All those will be safely engraved in my heart. I am grateful to have such moments in my life which always inspires me to move ahead and enjoy every moment of the life. Kya pata Kal Ho na Ho

“It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.” 


  1. that's quite an experience anyway nice writing

  2. Awesome read!! Loved it totally.
    So you did happen to have a filmy experience haan ;)

    I like the way you've put inspiring thoughts in between the paragraphs. And if we wish it from our heart, the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. :)


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