Flipping through the pages of my torned diary
every words, letters, sentences are so fresh like the smell of the wet soil
Alas! Is this me?
'We'll never be apart'- is what u said
I smiled back.
'I can't imagine my life without you,' is what i replied.
Now, here I am, we are apart and I am still living!
U used to say  ' u'll never leave me'
Now, I am left alone to freeze

I was begging u, crying over u
but my voice turned mute to u
U no longer feel me
Strangers, what we have become.

I was shattered, trampled
by the disaster that fell upon me
I yelled, cried, punished myself the way i can
with the bruises all around
I was aghast at the pool of sheer emptiness

Struggling everyday to overcome the agony
I do numerous silly acts
but again, at the end of the day
I am haunted by your image
ur presence hallucinates me
but u slipped through my finger tips
and i couldn't hold you tight

Crippled by the malady u gifted me
i am learning to  live everyday
once the soulmates ,now stand aloof
Fairy tales no longer exists, is what i learned

Together we shall remain, we had vowed
Gone with the wind, washed with the rain
Now here I am left alone
with all my Loneliness!!


  1. Gone with the wind, washed with the rain...
    beautifully expressed...
    Sometimes we are alone only to realize that we aren't that feeble, we aren't that superficial.. that there is a 'strong me' that lies within me, that I'll rise again, with full strength to make a change that the whole world would see.



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