Outside the classroom into the outdoors

Away the chaos towards the warm couch of nature

I set up my journey with my tiny luggage

Wherever my GPS n clinometers leads me

But does it work every time? Hehe, nope

Plain to den, gorge to ridge, high to low

Ups n downs we kept on marching

Into the wild……….

Enemies all around, creating obstacles

Curly leech to treachery thorns

Swallowing marshy lands to scorching sun

Shattering rains to attacking ants

But we kept on marching

Into the wild……

Crossing the rivers, holding the trees

Walking for hours n enjoying the breeze

What a happiness; all the pains got seized
Every new turn awaits the surprise

I try to catch n it always rises.

Still we kept on marching

Into the wild….

Breath-taking scenes to heart touching views

I was lost in the mist without any clues

A hand to hold n smile to calm

all the pains n the wounds that got engraved.

And we kept on marching

Into the wild…..

Rabbits, monkeys, goats to dove

Invaluable smiles and all the pure love

The gifts I grabbed from all those cliffs

And the never ending journey

with hardships and toils

Still we kept on marching

Into the wild…..

Fighting without reason n smiling all the while,

Singing all the dohoris n playing in the rain

Revealing the secrets n spreading all those gossips

Laughing at each other and posing all the time

Dancing with the tunes n complaining all the time

Stealing from the vines n slipping in the pines

But no worries, I am quite fine…

So, we kept on marching

Into the wild….

Wonderful company and strong support

Sweet Tit-bits and all those nokh-jokh

Were proven to be the colours of my life

A reason to add smiles on my face

And an inspiration to continue the never-ending race

So, thank you everyone for making it larger and really special

I promise that I will keep on marching

Into the wild…….


  1. Beautiful poem.. really describing the journey into the wild so tellingly.. :)


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