Love and something like that......

I don’t know why but I feel that I should let him go. I must. He doesn’t deserve me. I just have long way to go… I can’t grab him n hide into my arms. I have no right to hold him tight when he will have wonderful life without me. I am feeling some kind of pain within me. Love is out of my capacity. It seems sweet and adorable beforehand but later turns out to be the bone stuck in the neck; u can neither swallow nor throw it out. Why should I? Everybody needs love. No, matter how loud you yell, how tough you seem to be but deep inside the core of your heart you dream of someone close to your heart. The one who makes you feel special, like you are the only girl in the world. The one who loves you the most, who trusts you, holds your hand tight whether it’s beautiful mustard farms or the tough path of life full of problems. I am really confused now. One says stay away while other pleads to hold his hand. But seriously speaking, falling in love is bliss as well as making one’s life more miserable. Sticking with the cell-phone either to send messages or receive calls, fighting over no reason, thinking only about the person, and dreaming the sweet future with him, dedicating songs, writing poems filled with love, feeling shy to face him n smiling for no reason, ha-ha. Speaking at the midnight under the quilt so that no one would hear. With the advent of someone, your life takes a U-turn. The love, affection given by that person becomes so precious. The missing part of you gets completed and you feel as if you are the luckiest person in the world to find your soul mate, the one with whom you need not hide anything, you are just yourself. All these sound quite silly but this adds some different flavor in one’s life. Everything is like a movie or a fairy tale and you are a character. It is a fantasy. On the other hand, it’s a headache. ‘Why was your phone busy? Why do you need me anymore? Don’t you miss me? Why should I be always first to remember? Don’t you trust me? Why didn’t you replied my message or received my call? You will be showered by the questions as if you are attending an interview. If somebody else has a crush on you then that is a sure weapon to be used to blackmail you emotionally. ‘Why would you remember me when you have so many dear ones?’ C’mon, it’s your life and you can do whatever you like. Is it necessary to seek permission or inform as a culprit does to a police? Of course, not. And in the case of boys, they are really experts in this case. They could easily melt the heart of any tough-soft hearted girl. Even if the girl has no feeling for him at first, he acts like a brave warrior constantly fighting without thinking the consequence. You can easily predict what happens to a huge and hard rock when hit continuously? Its sure to be broken, consequently, girl’s heart does melt and she starts to be lured by his sweet words. In course of time, the boy starts showing attitude. There is a sudden change in the behavior. He starts to reduce sending messages or calling her or say” I am little busy now, call me later.” Why was he never busy before and suddenly, what sort of work has over-burdened him? It might torture a girl for being avoided or given less importance. Once she used be ‘princess’ or ‘sweet-heart’ and suddenly her priority got reduced to a normal girl. I am not saying that only girls suffer, boys share similar or even worse stories. They need to invest a lot to win girl’s heart but rather than a girl if they start a small business it would be more profitable. Re-charge cards are so much spent that NTC or NCELL must be very happy with the business. Likewise, the gifts, chocolates, flowers are very common. These days girls have become very clever, they bargain with their beloved and the poor guy is compelled to follow her instructions. Not only girls, boys are also being manipulated. Nowadays, girls do bargaining even in choosing boy-friend; who can spend more on her or who is more advantageous and many other parameters. Conclusively, falling in love has both positive and negative aspects. It depends on you and your partner how much you support and understand each other. The thread of a relationship is very thin; it can easily get apart. Love can be a sweet gift as well as a big mistake.


  1. Nice article, critically balanced viewpoint. I'd like to add smthing on love:
    "Unconditional is love!".. the best definition to judge if it is love or not :)


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