Into oneself !!

TIME: a simple 4 lettered word which is the most powerful thing. It can create topsy turvy changes in a glimpse. Time transfigures everything and everyone. 

Recently, we celebrated New year, welcoming 2015 and bidding farewell to 2014. The whole one year has gone and another has started but along with time, are there any other changes? We talk about developments in our lives, in the lives of people around us, in the country and even the world. With lots of advancement in science and technology, we have been passing the time even comfort. We listen to songs, read books, chat with friends, social networking sites, etc etc. We have lots of options to not to be alone.

I was wondering, how many of us just try to think about ourselves or talk to ourselves in some lone time? How many of us doesn't need any means to distract us from being oneself ? Actually, I felt this is a very important practice that we should follow regularly; giving time for yourself. This would not only refreshes you but also help you to keep on moving, most importantly we will be able to understand ourselves. This is a form of meditation for me. 

I do not know if this is the sign of maturity, but whatever it is, it's amazing!! 

Recently, I have been travelling alone to some new places, new people. I had to be formal with people, behave properly and i really missed myself. I am very informal, fun loving and joyous person. So, every time I was alone, I  talked to myself, laughed at myself. Surprisingly, it brought some positive vibes within me. For some days, I was sad to be alone, being far from friends and family but again I was happy that I am transforming. Something in me was changing and I could feel the expansion of nerves, muscles inside.  

I found peace, felt some sense of satisfaction and happiness... Hence, loneliness doesn't have to be filled with sadness, it's a journey into ourselves!!


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