Struggling with myself!

I don't know what to write and what to say but still i couldn't help it...
Neva thought this would happen
Neva thought i would feel it
Neva thought i would be so deep
Neva thought it would end before starting!
I neva wanted this to happen and i did..
Now i realize its all my fault!
I neva meant to!
Am i forbidden?
Is it sinful?
Can't i dream?
I m so fragile n weak..
I had to surrender!
but i m not going to be helpless..i will fight..and i will take revenge for all the pain!
I will fight wid myself! I will fight wid the thoughts! i will fight with the conceptions! i will fight wid the society! i will not let this happen wid others!
i kept quite for long but it doesn'

t mean i can't! I will not only complain now..
i will dare to change!
I will fight!!


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